Dental coverage helps Illinoisans stay healthy, provides peace of mind

Dental coverage helps Illinoisans stay healthy, provides peace of mind

New Delta Dental of Illinois survey shows benefits of dental coverage

NAPERVILLE, Ill. — A vast majority of Illinoisans say dental coverage not only helps them stay healthy, but also gives them peace of mind.

In a new survey by Delta Dental of Illinois,1 those with dental coverage say the top advantages of having dental benefits include the ability to have good oral health (93%) and lead a healthy life (90%). Beyond that, Illinoisans reported that having a dental plan provides peace of mind (90%) and relief from worry about dental emergencies (90%).

In addition, Illinoisans say dental coverage encourages better oral health habits (88%), provides them a reason to go to the dentist once a year (85%), gives them confidence in their smile (81%), saves them money in the long run (80%) and is worth the cost (79%).

“Choosing to have a dental plan not only improves your oral and overall health, but also provides peace of mind and allows you to save money,” said Karyn Glogowski, senior vice president of Delta Dental of Illinois. “The physical, emotional and financial benefits of dental coverage can help you live your healthiest life.”

Check with your employer on whether dental coverage is available where you work. Or visit for information on individual dental plans or group dental plans.

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